Welcome - The Body Corporate and Property Owners of Sunrise at 1770, and Guests to our Site.

We are a combination of local, state, national and international owners who all feel privileged to be a part of this estate. We snuggle into a special part of the coastline in Central Queensland, Australia, between the towns of Bundaberg and Gladstone and are part of the area that belongs to Agnes Water and the town of 1770. The development was designed to specifically embrace the ideals and principles of environmental sustainability and has been successful in winning major environmental development awards.

View from Window

Our front door is the Coral Sea and we are on the southern end of the famous Great Barrier Reef and the top end of the last of the recognised eastern seaboard surf breaks. Fraser Island and the reefs limit the size of the surf breaks between us and Rainbow Beach. Incredibly, good waves form up on the point break below us on occasion.Our land slopes up from the beach, ending in ridge tops some 70 metres above producing spectacular views.The shores around Sunrise are turtle nesting sites and it can get quite busy from October to February  with the arrivals and departures of Greenbacks and Loggerheads.

Sunrise at 1770 is surrounded by national parks and nature reserves and is made up of 173 x 2000 and 4000 sq metre lots. Beachfront and ridge top lots enjoy ocean frontage, and many of the larger lots have ocean glimpses. The Body Corporate operates under a Community Management Statement that includes by-laws and building covenants designed to protect the principles under which the scheme was developed.

Sunrise is unique. Residents consider it a privilege to reside in a pristine environment where the beach meets the bush, and to be able to appreciate the ocean sounds and bird calls free from suburb noises.

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