We really do feel special being able to share this paradise with the locals. Scores of Black Cockatoos eat their way through the she oak seed and bloodwood nut season, squawking and displaying their beautiful bright red tail feathers.


Rainbow Bee Eaters, Drongos, Butcher birds, Friar birds, Black faced Cuckoo shrikes, Curlews, Kookaburras, together with beautiful Honey Eaters and Finches are all part of our close family. Kangaroos and Pretty Faced Wallabies frequent the grassy areas around the houses not in the least deterred by close attention. A pair of Frogmouth Owls took up residence at the Springs Club just after it was built, and are quite happy to sit above us in the barbeque pavilions, while a set of Barking Owls occupy the gatekeepers position on the southern side.


Monitor lizards are in abundance and seem to take a fancy to guarding the entrances to our houses. Emus pop in and out and can be seen in many of the areas surrounding us. During high tide the dolphins put on a show surfing and playing beneath us.



The whales increase in numbers each year, and most of our oceanside blocks have a front seat view between June and October as the whales migrate up and back down the coastline. Sunrise is also home to the endangered Bush Stone Curlew. These birds love our environment as it suits their nesting habits, Their eggs have a high hatching rate mainly due to our covenants excluding domestic aminals such as cats and dogs from our estate.     



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