Bush Heritage Australia have a service agreement with Sunrise at 1770 Body Corporate to conduct works and activities across Reedy Creek Conservation Area with the primary aim of protecting life and property in the event of a wildfire. These works are guided by the Reedy Creek Fire Management Plan and other accepted fire mitigated measures implemented by BHA and Sunrise management.

For a  copy of the Reedy Creek Fire Management Plan CLICK HERE.

Bush Heritage Australia 

Bush Heritage Australia obligations include but are not limited to

  • maintenance of fire trails and fire breaks

  • annual hazard reduction burns

  • provide qualified staff to supervise and coordinate wild fire responses

CLICK HERE for a full copy breakdown of BHA Role in maintaining Sunrise at 1770 fire security

Sunrise at 1770 Management

Sunrise at 1770 Management responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • maintain common land as low fuel zones

  • maintain 5m wide low fuel zones along beach walkways

  • regular spraying/ mowing of road verges

  • planting dense stands of low combustible tree stands

  • Update wildfire evacuation plans


Owners obligations include but are not limited to

  • reduce fuel loads on lots annually

  • remove all combustible material 4m from footprint

  • remove all vegetation over roofs and within 4m of eaves

  • create a buffer zone according to vegetation type

  • plant belts of fire resistant trees near property boundaries

CLICK HERE for a full copy



Sunrise at 1770 Is as multi award winning Sustainable Eco Development, located on 4 kilometres of pristine beach facing the Coral Sea and surrounded by Littoral Rain Forest and National Parks.


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